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Photo Share: #Unexpectant

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We put out a challenge for readers to capture parenting moments and share them with us via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The submissions have covered everything from milestones to beauty in the every day and even tantrums that every parent can relate to. Thank you to everyone who shared.

But don’t stop!

We’ll continue to post photo shares, so keep snapping pics. Tag #unexpectant on Instagram and Twitter, upload them to our Facebook page, or contact me, and let us know if you have a blog we can link to. The challenge is to capture moments in parenthood, whether they be highs, lows or every day moments. Share with us and invite your friends as well. We will choose a few to post again soon. Looking at these pics is a reminder that we’re not alone in motherhood. When the laundry piles high or the child sits down on the putt-putt course to sulk, it’s easy to feel discouraged or stressed. But, these are all moments we parents know and can relate to. So join with us in sharing the beauty and reality of your parenting moments.

Heather Grontkowski

“On our anniversary I got my wedding dress out for my little girl to see and she had to put in on :)” by @heatherbelle654


Because sometimes tantrums happen when and where you least expect them.” by @parscaeli


“Fly Free.” by @michelle_wegner


“Sometimes you need a little motivation to master a new skill.” by @meaganchurch


“One donut before school wasn’t enough.” by @trishgeels


“Motherhood moment. When you occupy your child with food to get some cleaning done. I remember doing dishes and when I turn around that was the face I got. Moments like that are worth it all.” by Mistie Rhodes


“Picasso in the house, I call it “purple by Naji”…too bad that is our couch:(” by Joanna


“What the (clean) laundry looked like after my husband was out of town for a week” by Stephanie Rizk


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