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Photo Share: Real Parenthood Moments

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In our recent post Get Real, we challenged our readers to show life as it really is by stepping out from behind the picture of perfection that is prevalent on social media streams. We encouraged readers to share some real-life pictures via Instagram and Twitter by using the hashtag UnexpectantGetReal, or by uploading pictures to our Facebook page. I have to say, I love the response we got. From tantruming toddlers to post-birth reality, messy playrooms to colicky babies, you shared the realities of your experiences. Thank you! Through sharing less-than-perfect moments, we are allowing other mothers to relate to us, realizing that life isn’t as perfect as each perfectly posed selfie.

Take a look at some of the photos that were posted. Then join in our new challenge. This time around we don’t want to focus on just the challenging moments, but any moment of motherhood…or fatherhood. The name “Unexpectant” came about because of how many moments in pregnancy, birth and motherhood are “unexpected.” Try as you might to prepare, you can never fully understand the experience until you go through it, and sometimes even after much processing and reflecting, true understanding is never possible.

So share your “Unexpectant” moments, those times when you suddenly realize you are a mom (or dad), whether it’s seeing the joy in your child’s face or the tears streaming down her cheek mid-tantrum. Or maybe it’s the first signs of a baby bump, or the end of a long and tiring pregnancy. Perhaps it’s the moment you first meet your little one after birth. It can be a mundane moment or a milestone. Just share with us using #unexpectant on Twitter and Instagram, or by uploading it on Facebook. Your photo could be chosen to be included in next Friday’s Photo Share post.

“Getting messy miracle <3” by Alicia

“Is there even a kid playing in there? Type A personality didn’t wake up this morning…” by Joanna


“Everything except string cheese is offensive tonight.” by Trish


“I really need to move the tv to the office so we stop watching so much of it. Until then….” by Real Life Montessori


“This sums up my day. //” by Meghan


“Warning to new moms – there comes a point when your kid is about 4 when you can’t take them in public anymore :/” by Heather


“Sometimes the dishes just have to wait.” by Meagan

This journey through motherhood is so much easier when we know we’re not alone. So join with us and share your #unexpectant moments.

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