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Small package. Big surprises.

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You have friends and family giving advice and you read stuff, but I think nothing can prepare you for being a parent and going through it. People told us your life will never be the same. You think you understand it, but you never truly understand it until it happens to you. ~ Dawn Beery, mother of one toddler

These words are so true. My husband and I knew a baby would change some things, but how could we have any idea that our world would be turned completely upside down? That in the early months, all of our energy would go to figuring out this little being and how to care for him? That the phrase “sleeping like a baby” is such an oxymoron? That such a small package could make us feel so overwhelmed and incompetent, and yet we would love him more than we ever could’ve imagined?

The question is: What caught you by surprise the most? For me, as a person who enjoys a certain amount of control, it was not being able to soothe his cries all the time, every time. I never knew it would be so difficult and overwhelming to listen to a baby cry, and when that baby has colic, there is a lot of opportunity for being overwhelmed.

What about you?

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