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Top 10 Gifts for the New Mom

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Top 10 Gifts for the New MomWalk into any baby store and you’re sure to be flooded with many options of what to get a new mom. Whether it’s a baby shower gift, Christmas present or a congratulatory gift, it can be hard to know what items a new mom could really use. Well, we’ve decided to make it easy on you and give you a cheat sheet for the top 10 gifts new moms need.

Thanks to the help of our sponsor Lanser’s The Natural Way, we offer 10 must-have gifts for new moms. Many of these products are ones I used myself or ones that friends have raved about. While the products are Lanser’s, the opinions are mine. For more information on each product, click the photo.


Ergo Baby Carrier

Baby wearing has many benefits for both the mother and the baby. I used six different carriers with my three kids, but my favorite was the Ergo. It was easy to get on and off, and was comfortable for myself and the baby. If you’d like to read more about my baby wearing experiences, check out the post “Baby Wearing Tips.”

Gifts for the New Mom


NuRoo Pocket Shirt

Skin-to-skin contact is important during the newborn stage and the NuRoo offers a great way to practice that. While it only supports babies up to 15 pounds, it is versatile enough to be worn as a maternity, post-partum or nursing shirt as well.

Gifts for a New Mom


Snot Sucker

Yes, the name cracks me up every time, but the truth is that parenting comes with some not-so-glamorous, but ever-so-important tasks, such as cleaning out the baby’s nose so she can breathe better. The snot sucker is a very unique tool to help with just that task. While I’ve never tried it, I’ve spoken with moms who swear by it.

Gifts for a new Mom


Petunia Pickle Bottoms Diaper Bag

A diaper bag is a must-have accessory when you have a baby, so why not have some fun with it instead of getting a boring one? The Petunia Pickle Bottoms line of diaper bags offer functional and fashionable options. And, they are cute enough to use as purses and bags even after you’re done with diapers. I do love versatility!

Gifts for the new mom


Teething Necklace

Teething babies and toddlers love to chew to soothe their sore gums. These teething necklaces offer a safe and cute option for the baby, while being a nice fashion accessory for the mother. They can also occupy baby’s busy hands during breastfeeding sessions. These necklaces are free from BPA, phthalate, latex, heavy metals and more. They also wash easily.

Gifts for the new mom


Zen Swaddle Blanket

Swaddling was a must for our babies and the Zen Swaddle is one I wish I would’ve had with our children. It would’ve saved us countless reswaddles. It is designed to mimic your touch, and features light weighted areas on the sides and center to provide a secure swaddle.

Gifts for a new mom


Bamboo Swaddle Blanket

Because I love swaddling so much, I have to include bamboo swaddle blankets. These are a generous square size for easy swaddling. They are soft and light weight, and are versatile enough to be used as a stroller or nursing cover, changing pad cover, burp cloth, tummy time blanket and more. Even though we are past the swaddling stage, my girls now like to use these as blankets for their babies.

gifts for a new mom


Phil & Teds Stroller

A good, dependable stroller is a must. Whether it’s to get some fresh air, go shopping, work off a few of those pregnancy pounds or as an attempt to soothe an unhappy baby, strollers are handy tools. A solid sporty one that is easy to handle, yet rugged enough for all-terrains, like this Phil & Teds, is important for any active mom, especially runners like me.

gifts for the new mom


Bella B

Bella B has a great line of all-natural beauty products that are safe for pregnant women and babies. And what pregnant woman or new mom couldn’t use a bit of pampering? Their line includes Tummy Honey Stretch Mark Fader, Tummy to Toes Lotion, Wrinkle Cream, Silk & Honey Lotion, Mama Soak sitz bath, Decongesting Chest Rub, Bee Relieved Perineal Spray, Baby Wipes, Honey Bum Diaper Rash Butter, and much more.

gifts for a new mom


My Brest Friend Support Pillow

A breastfeeding mom will spend a lot of time nursing, especially in the first few days, weeks and months. A good support pillow will be a wonderful tool to have on hand to help her be more comfortable and better position baby on the breast. My Brest Friend is the number one support pillow recommended by lactation consultants. It stays securely in place and doesn’t shift or slide.



gifts for a mom



So tell us, what is your favorite gift to give a new mom?

{Please note: Lanser’s The Natural Way is a sponsor of this website and they did sponsor this post, though the opinions are still my own.}

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