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Baby Showers with a Purpose

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Baby Showers With a PurposeWhen it comes to baby showers, a plethora of themes exist. From ducks to Noah’s ark, there are a lot of cute ideas. But what about choosing a theme with a purpose? One that results in something tangible to give the mom-to-be? Consider these ideas:

Go Green

A lot of moms-to-be want to find ways to make more environmentally friendly choices for the benefit of the baby and the world as a whole. Why not support her desire to go green by having a baby shower with just that theme? Every aspect of the shower can be earth-focused. Print invitations on recycled paper or send them via email to reduce paper all together. Make menu options according to local and organic foods that are available. Ask guests to choose gifts with a green mindset. Organic clothing, earth-friendly diaper options, and green soaps and lotions are just a few ideas that would surely please the mom-to-be.

Build a Library

A library full of colorful and engaging storybooks is something that will last long past the newborn stage. Help the mom-to-be build a library for her baby by encouraging guests to forgo the typical card and instead bring a children’s book, along with a gift. Guests can write a message and sign their names inside the cover, so each book becomes a keepsake for the baby.

To build off this theme even more, choose a favorite children’s book to inspire the decorations, menu, party games and more. For instance, Eric Carle’s “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” makes a great shower theme. Choose the menu according to the foods found in the book. Find invitations featuring the caterpillar and decorate in the bright colors that are throughout the book.

Make a Onesie

People love putting a personal touch on their gifts, so give them the opportunity to do so at a onesie party. Purchase plain onesies in various colors and sizes, and create a onesie making station. Provide guests with a variety of decorating options, so they can create their own unique shirt for the baby. Let guests get creative with fabric paints, iron-ons, buttons, fabric paints and markers, stencils, stamps and more. For guests who need a creative nudge, make a few samples, or write down some ideas or slogans. The result will be unique onesies designed with love. With a variety of sizes, the baby will be able to sport these originals as she grows.

Choose Cloth

Diapers are a typical shower gift, but when a mom chooses to use cloth, a package of disposables might not be the best gift option. Cloth isn’t readily available in most stores, so how can you help support her desire to use cloth? With a cloth diaper party. Before the shower, have the mom create an online cloth diaper gift registry. Be sure to make this link available to shower guests. During the shower, have some cloth diapers available to show everyone how to use them since cloth diapering can be a mystery to those who haven’t done it for themselves. Have the guests take part in games, such as a pre-fold diapering contest and diaper trivia, to help educate and get the guests excited about cloth diapering. If the guests haven’t pre-purchased diapers, they can do so afterwards to help build the mom’s ever-so-important diaper stash.

Knit a Blanket

Let’s face it; sometimes shower games are more of a form of torture than they are an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon. Honestly, I would rather not try to guess what melted chocolate bar is in that diaper. With a knitting shower, guests keep their hands busy creating a keepsake blanket for the baby, while the mom-to-be opens gifts. Not everyone needs to know how to knit. A few seasoned knitters can teach the others a simple garter stitch, so that each guest can create a four-inch square that will be sewn together to make a patchwork blanket. Consider it a modern quilting bee.

This article first appeared in The Family Magazine of Michiana. Photo credit: ©

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