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My Breastfeeding Stories

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My Breastfeeding StoryI am always encouraging women to share their stories of pregnancy, birth, motherhood and more. Recently I had the same opportunity to share my breastfeeding stories with the website Nursing Nurture. It was a great opportunity to reflect on my nearly four collective years of breastfeeding. By doing so, I realized just how much I am still bothered by the struggles I had with my third child and how I wish I would’ve pursued answers and solutions more than I did. I made it beyond my breastfeeding goals with all three of my children, but it wasn’t always easy, whether it was because of feeding struggles or just emotional exhaustion of always having to be present. Reflecting back, I realized once again that even though breastfeeding is natural, it’s not always easy.


Exhaustion and Fortitude: My Breastfeeding Journey

I was prepared for cracked nipples and poor latching. But I wasn’t prepared for the mental fortitude that was necessary to reach my breastfeeding goal.

My breastfeeding journey began seven years ago after a very long and exhausting labor that ended in a vacuum extraction. I’m in the delivery room, completely exhausted from 16+ hours of labor. My son is crying non-stop and I’m a bit uncertain about my mothering abilities. The midwife hands me my son and I place him on my chest for skin-to-skin contact. Moments later, he calms down and begins rooting. His natural instincts take over and he begins to nurse. I am amazed. {Read more here.}


How I Succeeded: My Breastfeeding Journey

Even though breastfeeding my first two children was more mentally exhausting and demanding of my time than I could’ve predicted, the mechanics of it went smoothly. From the start, both were great nursers with a naturally good latch. I never experienced soreness or difficulties with them. I credit that to a few factors: {Read more here.}


The Fussy Feeder: My Breastfeeding Journey Continued

Before the birth of my third child, I had a certain amount of fears that my luck had run out. My first two births had gone well and both babies were excellent nursers. As I prepared for baby number three, I worried that something would go wrong. Would this one end in a c-section? Would I be able to handle natural birth again? What if we encountered nursing problems? …

While still in the hospital, our doctor mentioned that Adelyn had a slight tongue tie. He said he didn’t think it was a concern because she was nursing fine and she could extend her tongue beyond her lower lip. Soon enough we headed home and all was well. Until she was six weeks old. {Read more here.}

MChurchHeadCrop10_10Meagan Church is a writer, children’s book author and Unexpectant’s mom-in-charge. She lives in the Midwest with her high school sweetheart, three children, two cats and one dog. Her passions include running, black coffee, and simple, yet intentional living. Connect with her on Twitter @unexpectant, Pinterest or Instagram. To learn more about her freelance writing, visit her website

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