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Breastfeeding Advice, Information and Links

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Breastfeeding Mom Support
Photo courtesy of Daniel Lobo.

In honor of World Breastfeeding Week, the following is a list of links that offer breastfeeding support, advice and encouragement. Whether you are a pregnant woman who is considering nursing or a lactating mom already, we hope these links will help you along your journey.

Breastfeeding Myths by Nursing Nuture
“Breastfeeding myths abound.  Here is a list of the most common along with the real facts…”

The Short- and Long-Term Benefits of Breastfeeding via CWS
“In short, breastfeeding improves quality of life for both mothers and children and saves lives.”

The Best Breastfeeding Advice – Ever by The Humbled Homemaker
“Instead of feeling like you have to conquer this whole breastfeeding thing from your first days postpartum, just take it one day at a time, and resolve that, no matter what, you will continue to breastfeed for at least two weeks.”

Breastfeeding After a C-section via The Leaky Boob
“…I wound up with two c-sections.  So that was unexpected.  And scary.  And threw a big wrench in the whole breastfeeding thing. ”

World Breastfeeding Week: Creating Your Village by Giving Birth with Confidence
“Creating access to a network of people and resources who support breastfeeding will help you in times of need, provide a sounding board for your thoughts, and celebrate with your triumphs.”

Breastfeeding & Sleep by Nursing Nurture
“Though the majority of moms want to breastfeed, many also want the ‘freedom’ to have others give bottles at night because they believe they will get more sleep.”

In Search of the Perfect Latch via The Leaky Boob
“More often than not moms need support simply because breastfeeding isn’t so common in our society and women don’t see breastfeeding as a part of normal life making the learning curve steeper than it would be if seeing breastfeeding was commonplace. ”

The Thing About Breastfeeding by Life is Good
“The thing about breastfeeding is, it can feel like both a blessing and a curse.”

50 Reasons for Breastfeeding Anytime, Anywhere by PhD in Parenting
“There is a myriad of reasons why women should and are able to breastfeed anytime, anywhere.”

New Mom Breastfeeding Manual: The First 24 Hours by The Boob Group (podcast)
“The first 24 hours of your baby’s life can make a huge impact on your breastfeeding relationship.”

Lessons on Breastfeeding by Unexpectant
“Even though I nursed for so long, I in no way consider myself a lactation expert. But, I do want to share a few things that I have learned along the way.”

Pumping on the Road by Unexpectant
“I recently interviewed Sarah Ponder, a working mother who travels 6 to 8 days each month. Her youngest is one-year-old and she is still breastfeeding…. The following is her step-by-step advice on how to keep her supply going even when she’s on the road.”

What links would you add to the list?

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