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Link Love: Motherhood Matters

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Motherhood_MattersIf we are honest, we can all admit that being a mom is not an easy gig. While there are moments that we love beyond what we could ever have imagined, there are also moments that are more trying both physically and mentally than what we would like to admit. But the thing is, even during those tough times, and perhaps especially during them, motherhood matters. What you do matters. Every diaper you change. Every meal you make. Every ouchie you kiss. Each one matters. But, it’s not always easy to be in each of those moments and feel that what you are doing has a greater purpose. So, today we want to offer all of you moms out there a bit of encouragement.

Today’s encouragement comes thanks to some link love. There are so many amazing blogs and resources out there that we wanted to offer you a few links to some of our favorite posts over the last couple of weeks. Some will make you rethink your perspective, others will challenge you to engage. But hopefully each will also refresh you and give you renewed energy as you begin this week.

Take a few moments to read the following links. I know that time may be difficult to find, but you owe it to yourself. Take a few minutes to be encouraged. And, remember, even on those most frustrating days, motherhood matters. You matter.

Why Being a Mom is Enough by Finding Joy
“Don’t be weary, dear mother, in trying to keep up with a supermom agenda. There is no supermom, really – that whole supermom who has everything together is just a fallacy. There are real moms.”

Moments Like Water via Simple Mom
“Put the camera away after a few minutes and stow the smartphone in your handbag, because we create so many more memories by actually living.”

Before Today Ends by Hands Free Mama
“Because despite the mess, the noise, and the blatant imperfections, I have all that I could ever want: my loves, my life, my faith, my family.”

Dear Moms, Be Rainbow Watchers by Unexpectant
“Life is busy. Motherhood is messy. It’s full of tasks to get done and to-do lists to complete. But…be rainbow watchers this week.”

Let us know which post spoke to you. And, share your own links of encouragement with us via the comments. We’d love to know what blogs have inspired you.

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