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Fat Talk and Self Bullying

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Fat talk and self bullying

Women have a lot to adjust to when they become mothers, one of which is their new body image. Just ask me. I went swimsuit shopping last week. After joining a local gym with an aquatics center, I realized that my swim bottoms from last year were falling apart. (It’s always a self-esteem booster when you realize the elastic has given up.) So, I thought I’d make just a quick stop at Target to replace them. Instead of simply running in and grabbing a replacement pair (as I thought I would), I spent longer than anticipated trying on a variety of tops and bottoms only to feel discouraged. Nothing seemed to camouflage my midsection or support my top portion. I tried on some suits that I doubted the designers ever tried on real women before shipping them off to stores. In my disappointment, I tweeted,

“Ever need a reminder that you carried, birthed and breastfed a baby? Go swimsuit shopping. #ugh.”

Given the response I received, I wasn’t alone in my experience.

But this morning I watched a video that made me reconsider those dressing room thoughts of last week.

A few days ago, I signed up for The Daily Positive email recommendation. The emails help start my day with a positive mindset. Today’s pick is a clip about fat talk. Take a look at what happened when a store took women’s tweets and updates about their body images, and put them on display. As one woman in the video says, it’s as if we are self-bullying.

So all you moms out there, I know your struggles. I know the self talk you’ve used. I know things aren’t as firm as they once were…even if they didn’t seem “firm” before having kids. And, I know you probably have a few battle wounds, scars and stretch marks to show for your efforts. But instead of being discouraged by them, let’s stop the fat talk and self bullying. Instead, let’s embrace our bodies as trophies of accomplishment.

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