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Birth #6: Pain I Hadn’t Recalled

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“Who you are God and what you’ve done are all we’ll ever want. Through the night my soul longs for you. Deep from within me my spirit reaches out to you.” Isaiah 26: 8,9 (Message translation)

Wednesday, April 25: this would be the day for baby #6 to shine. We had scheduled the induction the week prior due to my consistent rise in blood pressure during my pregnancies. As we prepared the kiddos for school, we gathered around to take some fun photos. In a few hours, we’d see that cute face hiding behind that ever-growing belly.

Birth #6: Pain I Hadn't RecalledEager anticipation halted as the hospital called to say they had so many deliveries that they needed to push back the induction four hours. Choosing to make the best of it, my husband and I took an enjoyable walk. Finally at noon, things were getting under way.

My fear of needles—that seems to only exist on delivery days—returned as they poked twice and dug around searching for a vein. Really?! Are we doing this again? Thankfully my husband jumped in and told them to put the port in the crease of my elbow, a place that they didn’t prefer, but had been the only place possible all of the other deliveries. So, only three pokes, instead of 15 and beyond. We settled in and focused with joy knowing each contraction was one closer to looking our little guy in the eyes for the very first time.

At 4:30 p.m., we decided on an epidural, but something felt terribly wrong. There was pain that I hadn’t recalled from my previous three experiences with an epidural. This time it also seemed to only numb one side. Trying to just choose gratitude for at least a bit of relief, I was beginning to feel defeated as 9:30 p.m. hit and I was at 3 cm and in excruciating pain.

At 10:15, the nurse asked if I wanted to turn to my other side. No! I was using all my mental power to endure; moving was the last thing I wanted to do. After the delivery, I would learn that baby was distressed in that position. I know that some women may believe ignorance is bliss, but I wanted to know all information play by play; this was my body and I wanted to be informed. As the nurse left the room, my husband, Ted, turned me to the other side and on a pain rating of 10/10, I had to mentally choose differently if we were going to press forward successfully as a team.

Ted prayed over me and instantly I became calm and silent for the remainder of the delivery. I was focused and renewed. Holding Ted’s hand for strength, I focused on breathing and recharged my belief that with God’s strength we could do this and would soon meet our newest boy. Apparently the nurse and several staff had re-entered while we were praying, unbeknownst to me. They checked me to find I was at 10 cm. Go time!

Dr. Cavallo made it just in time to catch our little guy. Baby had presented face up, which startled my husband who had been used to seeing a head full of hair first. Isaiah Hudson was here and we were thrilled.

We quickly realized there was concern in the room, but no one was giving us direct answers. Little guy was grunting and they said he was trying to help his lungs adjust. They checked the oxygen levels and all was well.Birth #6: Pain I Didn't Recall

Ongoing bonding and doting over our little Isaiah could continue. As we introduced him to his siblings, it was such a joy to see them embrace him into our family and thoroughly enjoy meeting this little one they had been praying for and talking to through Mommy’s tummy for 37 weeks.

It’s true; family really is a privilege and an honor.

Birth #6: Pain I Didn't Recall

Birth #6: Pain I Didn't Recall

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Birth Story #1: Trusting in an InductionAngela is a woman passionate about connected, committed families and encouraging others as a licensed counselor to intentionally choose ways to love well in marriage and parenting. She is grateful to have walked alongside her husband for 14 amazing years and feels privileged for being entrusted by God to care for their six kids. It’s a continuing journey of learning through the beauty of other people’s stories.

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