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Interviewing Your Care Provider

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Photo by Amber Miller of Gentle Birth with Amber.

When I became pregnant with my first, I did not have a midwife or OB/gyn, and my family doctor no longer did births. Thankfully he talked with me about my options, asking me questions about what my preferences were and then made recommendations for a care provider accordingly. I then went home and researched (as I am often known to do). I came across a midwife who seemed to have good reviews, so I scheduled a meet-and-greet with her and went armed with a list of questions. Through our Q&A, it became clear that her practice was the right fit for me. She was my midwife through three pregnancies and births, and I speak very highly of her care for women.

I recently came across this list of questions posted on Lamaze for Parents and it reminded me of that whole interview process. Through speaking with many women over the course of our research for Unexpectant, we have found a range of ways that women have chosen their care providers. Some women pick a name according to their insurance carrier’s coverage list, others turn to friends and family for advice, and some stick with the person who has been doing their annual exams.

So we want to know, how did you choose your provider? Did you interview them? If so, what sorts of questions did you ask? How did their responses help you make your decision of who to choose?

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