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Gender Prediction & Mother’s Intuition

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I recently wrote a blog post (below) for about predicting my children’s gender. Even with ultrasounds showing the second two would be girls, I swore they would be boys until the moments they were born. So, my blog post was also a tale of failed mother’s intuition. Am I alone in this? Did you know what you would be having? Did you have a feeling or mother’s intuition? Or, did you hopelessly fail as I did?

Gender Prediction: A Tale of Failed Mother’s Intuition

You know that whole mother’s intuition thing that we moms are supposed to be gifted with? Well, I think my gift has come up missing, especially in regards to gender prediction. With my first, I knew it was a boy. I wanted it to be a boy and the ultrasound showed that in fact it was a boy. Phew! Then came baby number two. Again, I wanted another boy. It had to be a boy. I knew it would be another boy. And then the ultrasound showed it was a girl. So, you’d think my “intuition” would kick in or at least be persuaded, but no. Instead, I said that ultrasounds aren’t 100% accurate and that I really felt that this baby was also a boy, especially since my pregnancies were nearly exactly alike. Then our daughter was born and I realized that my feelings and inclinations had been wrong.

Then came baby number three. Again, I thought it was a boy. I knew it was a boy. Because of the movement and the way I was feeling, it had to be a boy. Then the ultrasound came, but the baby decided to not be very cooperative. The ultrasound tech couldn’t get a clear view, but she thought it was a girl. I went through the rest of my pregnancy telling myself that it wasn’t a clear shot. Surely she didn’t see it well enough to know because I felt this child would be a boy.

Then came labor. As I sat in the water just moments from delivering our third child, I turned to my husband and said, “It’s going to be a boy. I know this baby is a boy.” About an hour later, our second daughter was born. That’s right, on two occasions and even after ultrasounds, I failed at intuiting anything when it came to my children’s gender. But maybe it’s not a total fail on my part. Perhaps it’s proof that they liked to keep their mom guessing even before their arrival.

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