The Pregnancy Test

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“Okay. [Big sigh.] I hope I’m ready for this.” That is what I said aloud standing alone in the bathroom as the pregnancy test turned positive. My husband and I had been halfheartedly trying for a baby for about a year. I wasn’t concerned that we hadn’t conceived yet because I still wasn’t sure I was ready. My doctor on the other hand began to think we needed to discuss infertility. But before that became necessary, the test showed positive. I was relieved on one hand, but scared and uncertain on the other. Could I really handle a baby? How would things change? Two years later in the same bathroom with another test, those exact thoughts went tumbling through my mind once more. Can I handle another baby? Will I love it as much as my first? Am I really ready for two?

So tell us, what did you think when you found out you were pregnant? Were you hesitant and a bit freaked out like me? How about absolutely elated? Were you in complete and utter disbelief? Or maybe it was a combination of all of the above.

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4 thoughts on “The Pregnancy Test

  1. With my first 2 boys I was READY! So excited and just ready.

    With my third, I KNEW we were supposed to have another baby, but I wasn’t ready. (I had a hard time adjusting to having 2 boys) When Thing 2 was 4 years old, I knew it was time to start trying. We stopped using birth control, but I wasn’t ready to “try”
    One Sunday in church I saw a pregnant mom and thought, “I think I want to be pregnant!” I must have actually already been pregnant, because a week later I took a test on a whim and I was! I was surprised about it because I had been spotting for days and for a few weeks the pregnancy was “tentative” But Thing 3 was born soon after Thing 2 turned 5.

    1. How interesting that you “knew” you were to have another, but it took some time to be “ready.” And when the moment came, you were ready. As for a hard time adjusting, I can relate. Mine are nearly 2 and 4 and I’m still trying to get a handle on the chaos of life with two toddlers.

  2. I was supposed to do an MRI so my OB could take a closer look at an ovarian mass she had discovered to help decide if I would need to have it removed or not. I’d been off birth control for like 4 months (we’d been hoping to have a baby), so I insisted on taking a pregnancy test before the MRI just to make sure I wasn’t prego (I hadn’t been the previous 4 months, so what were the odds I was now?). I should have gone to Vegas! 🙂 The nurse turned to me with a big smile and said ‘No MRI for you today! Your are pregnant!’ The tears started immediately and my heart just soared with excitement! I called my husband right away and told him he was going to be a Daddy! It was a great day!

    1. What a story! To take the uncertainty of an MRI and turn it into the joy of finding out you’re pregnant was definitely a nice twist!

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