Officially Full-Term

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I have hit the 37-week mark and, as my midwife pointed out to me, I am officially full-term. Having gone “post-due” with my first two, I don’t have any reason to believe the labor pains are going to set in any time soon. But, I have to admit that when she used the phrase, “It could be any time now,” I freaked out a bit. I have been mentally preparing for the baby’s arrival in a month or at least no sooner than two to three weeks yet. And, that still may be the case. If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that little ones come when they are ready. And with mine so far, there is no rushing them. But, who’s to say this one will be the same?

So, I have finally begun getting things in order. We dug out the gear, laundered some clothes and diapers, and located the necessary newborn items. I have also begun to think more about labor. I have started reading birthing books again. Plus, I have reminded myself of labor’s reality and not just the moment when the little one is placed on my chest. I remember the labor pains. I remember the phases. I remember the moment of feeling hopeless. But, I also remember fighting through it, focusing, breathing and triumphing.

So now that the baby gear is in order, I will spend the rest of my time mentally and physically preparing myself for the birth that is ahead. Who knows? Maybe it will be today. Maybe it will be next month. That’s the thing about kids; they keep you guessing.

How did you spend your last pre-baby moments? How did you prepare? Or, did your baby surprise you and not even give you a chance to make preparations? Is there anything you wish you would’ve done?

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