Dear Jo: The One with the Belly

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March 3, 3 years A.B. (after-baby)

Dear Jo,

I hope Paul’s eyes have been examined by now.

Tonight when you were drying off after your shower, Paul walked into the bathroom.

Dear Jo: The One with the Belly

“Wow,” he said. You refused to take the bait. You knew how this script would play out. He would ogle you, so that you would feel both uncomfortable and concerned for his eye site.

You wrapped the towel around yourself at an attempt for modesty. Of course your still expanded stomach did it’s best to find the opening and protrude outwards.

“You. Look. Ah-mazing!”

You knew you should thank him. If you were in the movies, you’d probably jump into his arms. But instead, you stood there self-conscious and wondering what he was looking at. Or why he was lying. You’ve seen your post-baby body. You know there are extra…contours. As if it wasn’t bad enough after Emerson. Now, since Lyla, it’s like your abs have just given up and phoned it in. You know he’s just trying to be nice because surely he can’t love what he sees. Right?

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Motherhood Doesn't Come with Sick Days

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