Hospital Must-Haves for the New Mom

Hospital Must-Haves for the New Mom

You know you should pack a bag of necessities to take to the hospital when it’s baby time. But what exactly should you pack? Do you need an outfit for every day? What about for the baby? While the hospital does provide some things, it isn’t a full-service, five-star hotel. What They Have First, let’s more

Don't be Consumed by the Snack Culture

Don’t Be Consumed by the Snack Culture

Sports are a great way for kids to burn off a few calories, right? That’s what I always thought until my son started playing soccer. During his games, he did get in a decent amount of running around the field, but it’s what happened at halftime and after the game that derailed the health benefits more

10 Questions Every Pregnant Woman Should Ask Her Doctor

10 Questions Every Pregnant Woman Should Ask Her Doctor

Pregnancy comes with a host of decisions to make. From names to nursery décor, feeding methods to diapering options, moms-to-be have a lot to consider. One of the first decisions to make is who her care provider will be, though often women forget that they have a choice in the matter. When I became pregnant more

Sometimes you fall. But the fall isn’t what matters. It’s what happens afterwards that counts.

Sometimes You Fall

While remembering how to ride a bike may not be an issue, learning how to ride is a different story. Our middle child, K, has wanted to learn how to ride a bike without training wheels for about a year now. Well, she hasn’t so much wanted to learn how to. She has wanted to more


FabForty Maternity Boutique

Pregnancy isn’t always a time when women feel their most fabulous. But one woman is doing her best to change that for her local community. As both a doula and a therapist, Rashella D’Amico has spent a lot of time encouraging and comforting women, and hearing about their struggles during pregnancy. “I have heard everything more

Dear Mom, Don't be a Book Jacket Judger

Dear Mom, I’m a Book Jacket Judger

Dear Mom, I confess that I often judge a book by its cover. A nice book jacket and cover art can easily sway my decision to read a book, just as a poorly designed cover can turn me away. I realize that a cover has little to do with what the pages hold. Even still more

Birth Story #2: A Peaceful and Gentle Csection

Birth Story #2: A Peaceful and Gentle C-section

My second birth story was 100 percent different than my first birth even though both ended in a c-section. Education is the key to a peaceful birth experience. Knowing my options and what was in store for me helped me to make the best decision for myself by listening to my body and doing what more

Why Moms Should Flex Their Capabilities

Why Moms Should Flex Their Capabilities

I recently had an older gentleman tell me to be careful not to break a nail, while I was doing yard work. Okay, not really, but that’s essentially what I heard him say. He had seen me shovel and move a few tons of landscaping rock. The next day as I continued my work, he more

Write Your Birth Story Inforgraphic

Your {Birth} Story Matters

Have you ever noticed how women love to tell their birth stories? Recently I drove to an overnight retreat with five other ladies. I only knew one of the ladies, so my introverted self was a tad out of its comfort zone. Before the vehicle even backed out of my driveway, the woman next to more

The case against baby talk

The Case Against Baby Talk

Recently, I was minding my own business, attempting to get a bit of reading done, while the kids tumbled around at gymnastics. But, soon something grabbed my attention. I tried to ignore it. Like fingernails on a chalkboard or a broom sweeping across carpeting, I wanted to ignore it, but the sound would not go more