Dear Jo: A {fictional} Dairy of a Modern Mom

Dear Jo: A Diary of a Modern Mom…coming soon

“Don’t forget these days. They go by quickly.” How many times have you heard these words spoken by {probably} well-intentioned people…at the grocery store, church, restaurants and even family gatherings? How many times have you heard these words, while sporting a greasy pony tail or yoga pants? How many times have you smelled like spit more

Pregnancy After Infertility: Tongue Tie, Mastitis and Abscesses, Oh My!

Pregnancy After Infertility: Tongue Tie, Mastitis and Abscesses, Oh My!

After 28.5 hours of labor culminating in a perfect baby boy at 4:49 in the morning, I had a slew of visitors to contend with on day one in the hospital. It was partially exciting, somewhat chaotic, completely exhausting and absolutely wonderful all at the same time. I’m a people-pleaser, so I wasn’t going to more

Pregnancy After Infertility: The One with the Mucus Plug

Pregnancy After Infertility: The One with the Mucus Plug

Mucus plug. Seriously, this is possibly one of the world’s grossest phrases. But these are things I talk about now. I’d always envisioned that my water would break, I’d jump in the car with my little bag all packed and ready to go, and labor would begin promptly and properly once I arrived. I didn’t more


Pregnancy After Infertility: I Knew the Cliches, But I Had No Idea

After the whirlwind excitement of finally finding out we were pregnant after 124 months of trying, it was time to get around to the nine months of pregnancy that all (well, most) mothers go through. I figured that so many years of movie-watching, story-hearing, and class-learning at the hospital would have, by that point, fully more

Pregnancy After Infertility: One Mom's Journey

Pregnancy After Infertility: One Mom’s Journey

The medical definition of “infertility” is going without birth control for an entire year and failing to get pregnant. It’s an ugly word, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you can NEVER get pregnant. There are hundreds of options, of course. But let me tell you that when one year becomes two, and two becomes five, more

Dear Mom, Sit Down. Seriously.

Dear Mom, Sit Down. Seriously

Have you taken time to breathe this season? I know it’s difficult, but it’s necessary. The holidays are upon us and nearly gone. It’s hard to pass up the temptation to bake one more dozen cookies, schedule one more holiday party or try to check off one more Christmas break bucket list item. But you more

mother and daughter having fun on beach

Be Thankful for Your Envy

So my three-year-old has this adorable phrase she uses when she has asked for something, but has been told she won’t receive it: “but I want it.” Okay, maybe “adorable” isn’t the correct term. Perhaps “annoying” is more appropriate. She whines those four words as if, because of her proclamation, her father and I will more

The Due Month

The Due Month

One of the first questions many pregnant women hear is, “What’s your due date?” And at the end of term, one of the most frequently asked questions is, “You’re still pregnant?” Many people view the due date as a precise expectation of when the little one will make his appearance, as if he has a more

Hospital Must-Haves for the New Mom

Hospital Must-Haves for the New Mom

You know you should pack a bag of necessities to take to the hospital when it’s baby time. But what exactly should you pack? Do you need an outfit for every day? What about for the baby? While the hospital does provide some things, it isn’t a full-service, five-star hotel. What They Have First, let’s more

Don't be Consumed by the Snack Culture

Don’t Be Consumed by the Snack Culture

Sports are a great way for kids to burn off a few calories, right? That’s what I always thought until my son started playing soccer. During his games, he did get in a decent amount of running around the field, but it’s what happened at halftime and after the game that derailed the health benefits more